About Us

The Harmony Lantern Story

It all started when we received a handmade lantern as a gift from our friends at Magic Lamp, in Vancouver BC back in '88. It reminded me of the traditional Japanese lamps called Mawaridoro, but its design was contemporary. The more we watched, the more we appreciated its quiet beauty and peacefulness.

With lots of help and encouragement from our friends at Magic Lamp, we began to make this lovely lantern. During the past two decades, Phillip has created more than 100 patterns that range from tropical fish to an imaginary demon from a fairy tale. Each pattern is hand cut, and he changes the details as inspiration strikes.

Our lanterns make ideal gifts for all occasions. Please feel the warmth of a handmade product and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere it creates.

It is our wish that you will enjoy this contemporary version of an ancient idea and that it may contribute in some small way toward harmony.