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Harmony Lantern will celebrate 30th anniversary this year.  Please  stay tuned.  We are thinking how we do it....

30 years means that we got old, too.  All of us three: our long time friend/helper Yoko, me and Phillip.  In order to protect our health, particularly our hands, we plan to downsize our inventory.  You will see fewer designs here gradually but we will find the way to make all the designs available in one way or another.  Why not, we are so attached to all the designs we have created!

A Happy New Year!



"Do the lanterns project an image on the wall when they spin?"

This is a frequent question we receive.  Our lantern does not project the image on the wall unless you REMOVE PAPER from the frame.  It would be a nice change to do so when you accidentally rip the paper.  You don't need to remove all 4 sides, just the one you have torn, and let that open side sit parallel to the wall.  (In the video below I used a lantern frame without paper on all sides because I wanted to stress the fact that the lantern frame has to be open, in order to get the image on the wall.)



Did you know that Harmony Lantern has been in the news?  Harmony Lantern was featured on the local Seattle television show, Evening Magazine, in 2009.