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Attention, customers!  Please keep an eye out for our email when you place an order. When Phillip cuts the pattern, he often changes the little details in the design.  I remind him of the importance of consistency because the customer relies on the photo image only, but artist as he is, he can’t repeat exactly the same design.  When the change is substantial, I will send you the image of it and ask if you will accept it.  So, please enter a valid email address and phone number.  We will not use them for other purposes.


"Do the lanterns project an image on the wall when they spin?"

This is a frequent question we receive.  Our lantern does not project the image on the wall unless you REMOVE PAPER from the frame.  It would be a nice change to do so when you accidentally rip the paper.  You don't need to remove all 4 sides, just the one you have torn, and let that open side sit parallel to the wall.  (In the video below I used a lantern frame without paper on all sides because I wanted to stress the fact that the lantern frame has to be open, in order to get the image on the wall.)



Did you know that Harmony Lantern has been in the news?  Harmony Lantern was featured on the local Seattle television show, Evening Magazine, in 2009.