About Us

Phillip Lewis

From the 70's up to the present Phillip has considered himself a dancer/choreographer who also has been dancing with paint and canvas in the late 80's and 90's and now finds himself dancing with clay and fire. It has been a continuous journey in which each discipline has informed and been integrated into the next challenge. He hopes that it remains this way - open to whatever mystery life brings.

Click here to see examples of Phillip's artwork.

Hisae Homma

Hisae Homma was born and raised in Japan and worked as English-Japanese translator. She came to Seattle in 1981 to improve her English and met Phillip Lewis as a student when he was teaching dance at a community college. Though she never considered herself adventurous, she stepped onto the unknown road: life with an artist. It has been both challenging and rewarding, and she is very grateful to her friends at Magic Lamp for bringing her this wonderful lifestyle.