My husband and I were discussing your lanterns the other night.  I gave him a lantern and two inserts years ago as a Christmas gift.  He had one as a child and thinks of it so fondly.  He said that to this day, it’s one of the greatest gifts he’s ever received. 

 -Diane Stewart

I bought my first Harmony lantern at a small store in the Fremont District of Seattle..they drew me to them..the light..the color and the slow soft motion..and although there were many different designs the Flying Girls spoke to me..kites..mountains..stars..moon..trees.. Louis and a small town..and of course I've always believed girls and women can fly..!!..during a very difficult time in my life I kept it on all night..like a picture prayer wheel it seemed to give off very positive..motions..waves..??..in many ways it kept me afloat and I will always be thankful..bestron

~Ronald Switzer

I have one lantern and several inserts. We have our lantern placed prominently in our living/ dining room on a timer. It comes on every day in the late afternoon and stays on late into the night. It's a fantastic focal point that I can change the theme of as the seasons change. Not only is it a lovely lamp, but Hisae has been a joy to communicate with. I feel good about lending my support to a small business that creates such beautiful things!

~Jeff Behn

They say do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I think that describes you guys. 

~ Harold Olson

Each time I've clicked on my Dragon lantern over the past few days, it put a big smile on my face and made me happy and peaceful. At this time of year especially it was wonderful to add this beacon of light into my life. The name of your company is spot on. I look forward to sharing that feeling with my friends, by giving them this gift.

I'm a big fan of simple, elegant design. Couple that with great attention to detail and quality in the craftsmanship, I really love these lanterns.

Bill McQuillan

A truly wonderful gift. Rare these days, but made all the more special for it! My continued thanks.

~ Maddy Laporta

 Your lantern adds an element of life—motion and magic—to my apartment, and I like the swirling pattern that the lantern also projects on the underside of the bookshelf above.   Somehow having a friendly box of winter snow indoors makes the place feel more snug. Thanks so much for this thoughtful gift! 

~ Steven K, Seattle WA

I received my lantern in the mail today, We love it! It's even more beautiful than on pictures. Love your work!!!

~ Lena Dunai

 I ordered several lanterns and each time I did you did remember me. I live in suburban Chicago and am in the hospital. I asked my family to bring my lantern for my room and ever since I must have had at least 3 people insist they must have your website. I happily gave it to them. While I brought it for my own enjoyment, I realized I'm sharing one of my most treasured pieces and hopefully sending you some new business. I wish you continued success and a wonderful holiday season!

~ Bonnie Sand

I love these lanterns. My sister had a lantern like this, but it was a cheap model and it stopped working, so I'd planned to buy her a Harmony lantern this Christmas. I couldn't wait, I gave it to her for Thanksgiving. When she saw "Harmony Lantern" on the box, she knew exactly what it was because she'd bought one for me!! What are the odds?? Now we both have Santa twirling around our living rooms this Christmas.

~ Dean Smith

The work that you and Phillip do is truly magical.  You two capture the "spirit" of life - experiencing it and the living things with which we humans share it.  It transports me. Phillip's world view and activity is strongly reflected in his work.  I appreciate the challenges- but it's this connection and appreciation that comes across, and as you note, inspires us all. Those of us who cherish this connection to life easily recognize kindred spirits!

~ Lynn Lozier

Yes that lamp is really old, but I’m sure you will make it good for another 15 or 20 years. My daughter loved it as a little girl – she’s 23 now and mentioned to me the other day how much she liked the lamp when it was on her bedside table. I love the lanterns you make, and the spirit with which they are made. My daughter was delighted with her refurbished lantern at Christmas time.

~ Fiona Gibson

It was a pleasure speaking with you today and to hear the smile in your voice.  I know that your joy comes through to the lanterns and that full-heart of yours will project into my daughter's life. Thank you!

~ Marlene Sandhu

When I came across Harmony Lantern online I fell in love with these lamps all over again.  I then began reading more on their website about how each lamp is HAND CRAFTED... hand carved.... and was just in awe at the beautiful artwork these people were creating.  It really is a lost art!  You don't see this sort of item at Walmart... It's not factory produced.  Someone actually sits down and makes this with their hands.

~ Andrea Wood