Please keep up the good work - and please tell Phillip that how someone could make something so beautiful from such simple things! It is definitely an art and we certainly appreciate it very much! I will spread the word about your product to all my friends :) and I will place an online order soon. Thanks for brightening up our home.

~ Jen Bartels

LOVE LOVE LOVE the lantern!!!! Oh my gosh, the lantern is amazing! It is so cool! Thanks for making such a great product....I will be back for some more inserts for sure.

~ Vonnie

My daughter, Grace, is just 15 months. But every morning she wakes up, points to the lantern and urges us to turn it on. She doesn't stop until we do. It's a lovely way to start the day.

~ Mark Marabella

I purchased my first harmony lantern almost 20 years ago. It has brought me so much joy! The Halloween insert fascinated my son when he was little! I've now have 5 different inserts that I use throughout the year. My lantern is always a source of light and happiness when it's spinning away. I love the shadow it casts on my ceiling in the evening. Last year I bought several for Christmas gifts for my family and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved them and went on to buy more inserts! If you need a little light in your life, especially with the long winter days coming, I highly recommend Harmony Lanterns. The product is excellent and the customer service is outstanding!

~ Judith Bell

Just wanted to send you little picture of Otis enjoying his horse lantern. His birthday is today and he's already spent a lot of time just sitting and watching the horses spin and trying to catch them. He's definitely in love with it and so are we! Thank you yet again to you and your husband for all the beautiful work you do. I'm already thinking what other inserts I can order... Not to mention thinking of who else needs one as a gift! Young or old...

~ Tracy McCulloch

Hello, I've been meaning to contact you to thank you for the beautiful lantern. Not only did it arrive in time for Christmas, it completely exceeded my expectations! It is just perfect! After many years of wanting one of these it's so nice to finally have one! Thanks so much!

~ Rachel French