Good bye, Circus.


Goodbye, Circus.


I finally took off our Circus pattern from our website.  I had been thinking about it for years but I was so attached to this design (I find it one of the best by Phillip) that it was not easy to give it up.  I took it off not because I try to be politically correct but because I genuinely feel for these animals.  My cats brought forth in me this affinity.


I saw the You tube video about Sea World’s Shamu show.  I was amazed by the trainers and the orcas coordinated movement.  As a show, it was spectacular.  However, these wild creatures have to work day after day without their own consent.  The fact they could act that much means that they were very intelligent.  They remembered the sequence and timing.  What is the justification for forcing such intelligent animals to entertain humans?  Working animals like horses and cows have long history of domestication but those killer whales were born wild. 


I do not negate the circus altogether, though.  I do not doubt the trainer's hard work, love and bond with animals probably in many cases.  Quite a few animal rights advocates and sanctuary founders are ex trainers. 

However, we evolve.  Our awareness has been changing and we started seeing nature in a bigger picture.  Love of animals taps our compassion and makes us more human.

So…. good bye, circus. 


Circus Harmony Lantern

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