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"Good evening Hisae..of course you may use anything I've written..and yes I am a male...
I bought my first lantern at a small store in the Fremont District..they drew me to them... the light the color the soft motion..and although there were many different designs the Flying Girls spoke to me..kites..mountains..stars..moon..trees..clouds and maybe a small town..and of course I've always believed girls and women can fly..!!..
during a very difficult time in my life I kept it on all night a picture prayer wheel. it seemed to give off these very positive..feelings..motions..waves..?? many ways it kept me afloat and will always be thankful...." 

In the Spotlight

Did you know that Harmony Lantern has been in the news?  Harmony Lantern was featured on the local Seattle television show, Evening Magazine, in 2009.