I found you on FB! My younger daughter will be ready for a big girl bed soon. I'll need to get her a new lantern. My older daughter still loves her lantern btw. She has been using it since she moved to her bed three years ago.

~ Miwako Farr

Micah loves his lantern so much, he's trying to get to it!!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. We are in love with it!! =)

~ Jeri Hamby Watkins

I have been buying these from The Giving Tree for years for baby gifts after getting one for my daughter who is now 22. She used hers every night when she went to bed until she was 13!!!

~ Cheryl Gordon

We use your lanterns in our daughters' rooms every night. They love them and your lanterns provide the perfect amount of light for me to see when I check on them. I enjoy them as much as they do!

~ Christy Little

Just received the dragonfly lantern for our new little granddaughter. It is absolutely wonderful! I know she will cherish it as she grows up. Thank you so much. It is the special light I was hoping to find for her nursery.

~ Pat Waring Ells

We love our seahorse lantern. I know our two sweet beautiful children in Ethiopia will love it when they get here, which we hope is very soon!

~ Jessie Hawthorn

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first lantern (lotus flower)..... I'm sure it won't be my last.

~ Andi Perry

You are so thoughtful and sweet!!! Thank you so much for my lovely Christmas insert! It is beautiful. 9 gifts in 2007 means that I made 9 families so happy. I will have to make myself happy next year so I can use my insert because I actually don't have my own lantern. Something to look forward to. Wishing you a very happy and successful 2008.

~ Joanne Savage